San Diego Cake Smash

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Girl! You never know what will happen during a cake smash… Will she cry? Will she stuff her face? Will she lick the cake? Yes, in the daintiest way, she did not get dirty and chose to lick her cake!

Carlsbad Baby Photographer

I loved working with this gorgeous baby girl! Her cute, bouncy curls… those bright, striking eyes… and the personality of a princess! I just loved her genuine emotions she brought to our photo shoot.
Carlsbad Baby Photographer

Carlsbad Maternity Photography

This amazing family was just so enjoyable to be around. They were so kindhearted, not to mention about to ‘pop’ with excitement and happiness! I adored working with this carefree family at one of Carlsbad’s finest beaches.
Carlsbad Maternity Photography

Carlsbad Family Photographer

I’m almost positive this was one of the most delightful families I have ever worked with! A simple Christmas photo shoot turned into a fun and interesting part of my day. Both of these beautiful children were very well behaved and filled with joy! The mother and father were smiling while bonding with their children; honestly it warmed my heart to see such a loving family be so kind to one another!
Carlsbad Family Photography

Carlsbad Family Photographer

This mother and son were a very easy pair to work with and so photogenic! The baby’s blue eyes were just so tender and his mama was absolutely gorgeous! These two are stunning and I am so blessed to be able to capture such beauty.
Carlsbad Family Photographer

Genuine | Encinitas Family Photographer

I just adore this little girls expression. Even though she’s covering her smile, it just seems so genuine. Expressions like these make me so happy to be an Encinitas children’s photographer.
Encinitas Family Photographer

Cake!! | Carlsbad Family Photographer

I absolutely love this little man’s expression with cake covering his face. He had the best time making a mess with cake while only eating a tiny bit!
Carlsbad Family Photographer

This sweet little girl was all smiles and giggles for me. I couldn’t get enough of her!!
La Jolla Family Photographer

San Diego Newborn Photographer

The love a mother has for her child is such a blessing to capture. Moments like these last a lifetime and are what inspires me to be a San Diego Newborn Photographer!

Babies | Carlsbad Family Photographer

One of my favorite types of photo shoots are cake smashes… combining adorable children with cake makes for cute expressions and amazing smiles!
Carlsbad Photographer